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Bath| Brighten Hydrating 【ITI02012101】

Delight your skin without chemicals!
|| Moisturizing/ Anti-melanin/ Hydrating

【iTinney 植療浴 No2 保濕白肌慕斯】500ml

天然多重過濾純水、ECOCERT月桂基葡糖苷、ECOCERT COSMOS天然有機陰離子烷基醚硫酸鹽、天然來源椰油醯胺丙基甜菜鹼、天然來源椰子油介面活性劑、天然來源氨基酸保濕劑、ECOCERT植物性甘油、食品級檸檬酸、食品級碳酸氫鈉、天然來源透明質酸鈉、天然來源Q10微脂囊、ECOCERT USDA天然有機高效植物蛋白竹萃酶、天然來源九胜肽、食品級青木瓜萃取物、天然來源鳳梨萃取物、天然來源小黃瓜萃取液、COSMOS有機蘆薈萃取液、天然來源氫化蓖麻油、天然來源橄欖油酸酯、食品級葡萄糖酸氯己定、COSMOS 天然Pentylene Glycol、天然中草藥:仙人掌、伏苓、山藥、珊瑚草、香水銀耳、當歸



  • Gifts from Nature: Cleaning as Caring

  • Brightening your skin and eliminating dullness (with an all-natural herbal formula)

  • The effective prescriptions reach the harmony of herbal through profound Chinese wisdom.
  • Natural protective film for sensational moisturization (with an all-natural herbal formula)
  • 100% plant-based ingredients and food-grade standards

  • No chemical foaming agents, chemical emulsifiers, chemical preservatives, or other harmful additives
  • During the bathing process, the "film-forming" nature of the plant-based solution is coated with the original moisturizing factor of the Chinese herbal formula so that the epidermis no longer loses moisture from washing!

強效殺菌卻又天然溫和不傷手 使用高規格的廣譜甘胺酸抗菌劑、葡萄糖酸氯已定及奈米銀粒子,取代傳統殺菌能力強的75%酒精,同樣強效的殺菌效力同時卻能溫和不傷手,是我們的承諾跟用心。 高效保濕滋潤但也不黏膩 選用全天然的原料,珊瑚草、橄欖油酸酯,具有高效保濕及滋潤的功效,可改善肌膚彈性; 更添加香水銀耳,保濕同時又可美白病抵抗暗沉。 無添加精油、酒精,僅有原料原始的淡雅香味 大家最在意的香味,因為零添加任何非天然的原料,沒有化學香料、香氛精油,更沒有酒精的添加,我們只願提供最純粹的組合,使用天然原料帶來的淡淡香味,不刺鼻、不濃郁、不會持久不消。

* Coral Grass
Growing in a harsh environment, Coral Grass only grows in clean, uncontaminated waters and wetlands that pass through the red tide zone. Nurtured by the interaction of seawater and sunlight, it is rich in marine enzymes, natural collagen, water-soluble fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals and is superior in composition to swallow's nests, yams, and other seaweeds. Effect: Replenishes a variety of minerals and rich natural collagen, thereby realizing water retention, anti-oxidation, and replenishing skin nutrition.

* Perfumed Tremella
Sweet, mild, and gentle in nature. It moisturizes the lungs, benefits your energy, and harmonizes your blood. The transparent colloid contained in the fungus is mainly composed of polysaccharides, which, when applied to the skin, can form a transparent film and increase the skin's water retention rate, making it a perfect natural moisturizing material. At the same time, polysaccharides have the ability to scavenge free radicals, which not only moisturizes the skin but also replenishes the skin with nutrients and brightens it.
Efficacy: anti-oxidation, skin nutrition, skin brightening, moisturizing.

* Cactus
With excellent water retention capacity, it is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamin A (which can renew old cell keratin, strengthen the connection between cells, maintain the healthy function of the skin, soften and tender skin, prevent wrinkles), vitamin E, carotene and 18 kinds of amino acids. Among them, vitamin E can neutralize free radicals, eliminating those generated by sunlight, pollution, and stress, making the skin clearer and smoother. Its flavonoid structure has the effect of scavenging free radicals, anti-aging, and antioxidants.
Efficacy: Antioxidant and replenishes skin nutrition, brightens skin and moisturizes.

* Poria cocos
Also known as Yu Ling, Fu Ling, commonly found on the roots of pine trees, called white poria or Yun Ling after refinement. Ancient people referred to Poria as "the sacred medicine of the four seasons" because of its wide range of effects. Regardless of the four seasons, it can be used in combination with various medicines for cold, warmth, wind, and dampness, all of which have their unique effects.
In addition, Poria cocos extract can also effectively scavenge free radicals to achieve antioxidant effects.
Efficacy: Antioxidant, skin nutrition, skin brightening, and moisturizing.

* Yam
Contains more than nine types of hydrolyzed amino acids and a large amount of mucin, while its dopamine content has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.
In addition to Diosgenin, yam extract also contains Gallic acid and Vanillic acid, two compounds that scavenge free radicals and have good antioxidant properties.
Efficacy: Anti-oxidation, skin nutrition, skin brightening, health conditioning, skin metabolism, improve skin roughness, reduce wrinkles.

* Angelica
Introduction: One of the most widely applied Chinese herbs, in addition to improving physical health, can be applied externally to improve skin health. The microcirculatory effects are highly helpful in enhancing the natural health of human skin, and can be utilized for hair growth, skin secretion regulation, and nutrient supplementation. Applied in skin care products, Angelica extract has been found to inhibit the effect of tyrosinase, therefore inhibiting the production of melanin from achieving whitening effects, similar to the known melanin inhibitor N-phenylthiourea (phenylthiourea, PTU).