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Foaming Hand Wash | Moisture 【ITI01012102】

Rejuvenate from tiredness
|| Moisturizing/ Anti-bacterial/ Gentle cleaning

  • Herbal Formula with HAND-CURING & Moisturizing effect
  • All-natural herbal formula for skincare and moisturization
  • During the hand washing process, the "film-forming" nature of the plant-based lotion is cold-produced and coated with the native moisturizing factor of Deer Antler Lingzhi, preventing the epidermis from losing moisture through washing!
  • Nature membrane from GANODERMA LUCIDUM
  • Premium GANODERMA LUCIDUM Forms a natural membrane with plant gums
  • It has been prescribed medication by Chinese Doctors since ancient times. The protective layer originated from GANODERMA LUCIDUM fully reserve and balance the moisture and oil throughout our skin.