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Bath | Radiant Rosy Skin 【ITI02012102】

Assist healthy metabolism and penetrate
|| Moisturizing/ Anti-melanin/ Hydrating

【iTinney-植療浴 No3 抗氧粉膚慕斯】500ml

  • Gifts from Nature: Cleaning as Caring
  • Assist healthy metabolism and penetrate
  • ​Moisturizing/ Anti-melanin/ Hydrating
  • Herbal Formula with Anti-Aging  & Anti-Oxidation effect
  • ​Remove the Free Radicals due to pollution and stress. Maintain skin cells and delicate skin.
  • No chemical foaming agents, chemical emulsifiers, chemical preservatives or other harmful additives
天然多重過濾純水、ECOCERT月桂基葡糖苷、ECOCERT COSMOS天然有機陰離子烷基醚硫酸鹽、天然來源椰油醯胺丙基甜菜鹼、天然來源椰子油介面活性劑、ECOCERT植物性甘油、食品級檸檬酸、食品級碳酸氫鈉、天然來源維生素E、天然來源Q10微脂囊、ECOCERT USDA天然有機高效植物蛋白竹萃酶、食品級青木瓜萃取物、天然來源胜肽分解酵素、天然來源鳳梨萃取物、天然來源甘草萃取、天然來源洋甘菊萃取物、天然來源氫化蓖麻油、天然來源橄欖油酸酯、食品級葡萄糖酸氯己定、COSMOS天然Pentylene Glycol、天然中草藥:仙人掌、伏苓、山藥、黃耆、人蔘、當歸、川芎
* Ginseng
Introduction: Its root resembles the head and limbs of a man, hence the name ginseng. It is a common ingredient and medicinal herb in Asia, primarily grown in East Asia. Medical research has proven that ginseng is effective in preventing tumors, anti-aging, anti-arrhythmia, improving memory, and improving immune system, in addition to nourishing and strengthening the body.
Effect: Anti-oxidation, body function maintenance, melanin inhibition, hair restoration

* Angelica
Introduction: One of the most widely applied Chinese herbs, in addition to improving physical health, it can be applied externally to improve skin health. The microcirculatory effects are highly helpful in enhancing the natural health of human skin, and can be utilized for hair growth, skin secretion regulation, and nutrient supplementation. Applied in skin care products, Angelica extract has been found to inhibit the effect of tyrosinase, therefore inhibiting the production of melanin to achieve whitening effects, similar to the known melanin inhibitor N-phenylthiourea (phenylthiourea, PTU).
In addition to inhibiting the formation of melanin, it also has anti-aging effects and has beneficial effects on pigmented skin diseases such as chloasma and freckles, and is therefore often added to beauty creams and spot removal creams.
Effect: Inhibits melanin, cardiovascular health, anti-oxidation of skin, promotes hair growth, inhibits melanin production.
* Chuanxiong
A common herbal remedy with good toning and healing properties when taken internally and externally, it is a natural, plant-based health supplement. Adding it to the bath can be especially beneficial for health, and a small amount of daily contact can promote long-term skin nutrition and body strengthening.
Effect: Body toning, skin conditioning, health enhancement, enhance the natural state of nutrition of organs.

* Yam
It contains more than nine types of hydrolyzed amino acids and a large amount of mucin, while its dopamine content has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation. In addition to Diosgenin, yam extract also contains Gallic acid and Vanillic acid, two compounds that scavenge free radicals and have good antioxidant properties.
Effect: Anti-oxidation, skin nutrition, skin brightening, health conditioning, skin metabolism, improve skin roughness, reduce wrinkle