Our Story

Love is a matter of empathy.  iTinney Since 2021

 # Skin Care starts with cleaning 
#100% Nature and Food-Grad Film Formation Cleaning
# The era of chemical-free has arrived!

What does iTinney stand for?
 Sustainability via 5 friendly principles
Human Friendly
iTinney addresses the needs of healthy human skin by selecting food-grade ingredients and high-specification natural ingredients with no chemical additives, providing natural, food-grade ingredients to nourish every inch of your skin.

Animal Friendly
Not only you, but we love your furry children like family! iTinney cares for your pets' needs - We've extended the concept of natural, food-grade care to pet products by using "food-grade ingredients" to create pet cleansing solutions that significantly reduce the risk of chemical ingestion by animals licking themselves!
Eco Friendly
From the raw materials to the bottles, to the labels, to the printing inks, to the cleansing solution, to the manufacturing process, to the stability and efficacy, to the fragrance properties...
It was only after the data study that iTinney realized that
"A bottle of detergent commonly found on the market has a great potential to pollute the earth."
We insist on chemical-free - non-polluting, highly biodegradable products. 

Ethic Friendly

iTinney.com emphasizes comprehensive assistive technology to allow all customers to experience our services, allowing our visually impaired customers to learn about and purchase products with confidence through tactile recognition, auditory assistance, braille cards, and other features. "We are able to take care of ourselves."

Partner Friendly

We believe that together, we can go farther and stronger - that's why there are no "competitors" in our dictionary, only partners. We welcome more companies who believe in our philosophy to join us to facilitate making our world a better place to live together!

How we got here?

iTinney Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was founded as a local Taiwanese startup in 2021 by Annan Lan. When social responsibility becomes a living habit and everyday life is integrated with green. Environmental friendliness and sustainability are no longer ideals - but reality. iTinney Biotech purifies every moment of your life and makes your everyday life more beautiful.

iTinney's most important principle is to provide extraordinary services and fulfill a sense of corporate responsibility to the world. We strive to continuously benefit society and never stop innovating. We sincerely invite all of you who are passionate about creating an exciting future to join us!